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Seeking Validation Is An Endless Chase

In our professional and personal lives, we often encounter individuals who fail to celebrate our achievements. It's human nature; not everyone will like you or root for you. For this reason, as we pursue our goals and dreams, maintaining focus on our growth, unwavering confidence, and seeking uplifting support are vital. After all, what others think of us is none of our business. Yet, I understand that embracing this mindset is easier said than done.

I vividly remember a time when I constantly sought validation from others, puzzled by those who couldn't appreciate me or my skills. Recently, I summoned the courage to step outside my comfort zone, launching a new line of business and increasing my presence on social media. While initially intimidating, this decision revealed a world of possibilities. Of course, I encountered individuals who couldn't fully share in my happiness and questioned my choices. However, I've realized it's perfectly alright! I heard what they said, but it didn't change my plans.

In the past, my instinct would have driven me to try to win over those who failed to see my vision on a new project or even criticized me for not taking a traditional path, and I spent endless time seeking validation from the people. I would twist and turn, trying to decipher their disapproval, questioning what I could have done differently, or justifying my decisions. People will constantly challenge our choices and withhold happiness in personal and professional circles. When this happens, it's crucial to remember that their reactions reflect their emotions and circumstances—not judgments of our abilities.

No matter how hard we strive, we will only please some. So instead, redirect that energy towards celebrating successes, nurturing relationships with those who genuinely support you, and finding fulfillment within ourselves. We must appreciate our worth, celebrate our achievements, and take pride in our unique path, regardless of how others react. Admittedly, this is a challenging feat and takes time to adjust. However, progress can be made through small steps.

It's time to find our tribe! While there will be individuals who fail to uplift us, there are undoubtedly others who will. Let's seek like-minded relationships that share our values, aspirations, and work ethic. These people will celebrate our successes, offer unwavering support during challenging times, and inspire us to reach even greater heights. Dedicate yourselves to building and nurturing relationships with those who uplift and support you in the workplace and among friends.

For now, maintain focus. Keep your head down, concentrate on your actions, and finish strong. Don't allow the opinions of others to derail your progress or hinder your path to success. Instead, remain steadfast in your abilities and trust in the process. You've got this!

Lastly, I would like to express heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming calls, emails, texts, and flowers from my family, friends, and colleagues who offered their support. Your presence in my life is a powerful reminder to bid farewell to the naysayers and keep moving ahead. So, keep those cherished photos of your cheerleaders close, allowing their support to fuel your journey to success!


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