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Automation - Should you be worried? 🤖 💼

Over the past few years, there’s been growing concern that robots and artificial intelligence will replace human workers and cause mass unemployment.

While it's true that automation and technological advances have already changed the job market, robots “taking all the jobs” is far from the case!

Allow me to explain…

🌱 Automation creates new jobs.

Some jobs may become automated, but new jobs will also be created as a result. For example, developing and maintaining robots and automation systems require skilled workers.

🤝 Robots and humans can work together.

Rather than replacing humans entirely, robots can work alongside humans, augmenting their abilities and increasing productivity. Imagine manufacturing plants where robots can handle repetitive and dangerous tasks while humans focus on critical thinking and decision-making.

🙅‍♀️ Jobs that require empathy won’t be automated (anytime soon!)

One of the primary advantages of human workers over robots is our ability to empathize with others. Jobs requiring emotional intelligence, such as healthcare, social work, and counseling, are unlikely to be automated because they need human interaction, communication, and empathy, which machines can't match.

🎨 Creativity can’t be replicated by robots.

It’s true that machines can perform certain creative tasks, such as generating simple designs, but they don’t replace human beings' unique perspectives and creativity. 💪 🧠

👀 Robots require human oversight.

Robots and automation systems REQUIRE human oversight and maintenance. This means that even if certain jobs become automated in the future, there will always be a need for skilled workers to monitor and maintain machines.

The fear of robots taking jobs is understandable, but don’t let it consume you❗

Rather than being afraid of robots, embrace the potential for technology to enhance your life and create new possibilities.

▶ How has robotics or AI affected your career? Do you believe it’s been for better or worse❓👇


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