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Career Discovery & Coaching 
(Price depends on yo
ur specific needs)

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you’re trying to answer this question, you’re not alone.


My 1:1 coaching sessions guide professionals like you to their next career.

  • Self-Discovery: Explore your current work talents as input to career planning and identify job opportunity gaps as possible career futures that are a fit with work talents and skill interests.

  • Goal Setting: Once you have a clearer sense of who you are and what you want, we'll set a plan to assist you in setting specific and achievable career goals.

  • Career Exploration: A career coach can guide you through the process of exploring different career paths and industries that align with your interests and abilities. They can provide resources, suggest strategies for researching job opportunities, and help you identify potential gaps in your skills or knowledge.

  • Skill Development: assess your existing skill set and help you identify areas for improvement.

  • Job Search Support - I will give you advice and support as you navigate your job search and give you ideas for overcoming obstacles and strategies for a tough job market.

  • Overcoming Challenges: I can help you navigate common challenges in the job search process, such as dealing with rejections, overcoming self-doubt, managing career transitions, or addressing work-life balance concerns. 

  • Professional Branding and Networking: I can help you craft a compelling personal brand, optimize your online presence, and provide guidance on effective networking strategies to expand your professional connections.

  • Career Transitions: If you're considering a major career transition, such as changing industries or starting your own business, I can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

  • Interview Strategy: Together, we will dramatically improve your interviewing skills.


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