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Entrepreneur | HR Consultant & Career Strategist | Getting People Hired | Growing Thriving Cultures| Skier | Dog Lover

Welcome! When you choose to work with me, Ann Walsh, you partner with a career strategist with over 25 years of Human Resources experience. I understand the intricacies of hiring and possess the expertise to help you secure the best job that aligns with your unique skill set. Whether you're navigating a career transition, aiming for a promotion, or planning your long-term trajectory, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.


With my extensive knowledge in start-ups, organizational design, talent management, compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and diversity and inclusion, I offer a transparent and straightforward approach that makes me an ideal partner across various environments and industries.


As a perpetual learner, I’ve acquired certificates in leadership, management, conflict resolution, and negotiation from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. I've also delved into design thinking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and deepened my understanding of diversity and inclusion at Cornell University's ILR School. Holding a Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR) certification and a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from UMass Lowell, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.


When I'm not helping professionals like yourself, you'll likely find me indulging in my passion for skiing. I relish the winter months, chasing the snow and carving down slopes. My time is split between the vibrant Seaport District of Boston, MA, and the scenic surroundings of Bartlett, NH.


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This is Clancy Thomas. He loves to play fetch and howl at fire engines. Clancy is one happy dog.

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