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Ann Walsh - Career Strategist

Meet Ann

Entrepreneur | HR Consultant & Career Strategist | Getting People Hired | Growing Thriving Cultures | Skier | Dog Lover

FOUNDER    “Passionate About People,” I’m Ann Walsh, SPHR, a seasoned Human Resource Executive with 25+ years of experience hiring and managing talent. Throughout my career, I've contributed to the success of numerous A-LIST Companies by assembling high-performing teams. I deeply understand recruitment and HR management and have used it to stay ahead of industry trends. From AI-powered processes to remote work dynamics and diversity and inclusion initiatives, I understand the impact of technology and how to manage it for HR best practices. Having personally hired thousands of individuals, I know what it takes to build exceptional teams. My life’s commitment has been to help organizations unlock their full potential by creating workplaces where talent thrives, diversity is celebrated, and innovation flourishes. 


Now I guide others on their career journeys. Over the years, I’ve accumulated insider knowledge of what truly goes on behind the scenes and what it takes to ignite your passion!

I assist individuals at every career stage, offering guidance and support to college students seeking internships and helping individuals successfully navigate their professional paths.

I guide you in identifying strengths, charting a path to success, and developing the skills needed to achieve your career goals.

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